Negotiator - Mediator


There is no competition, there are just players and their goals, wishes, dreams and interests. To compete means to lead a war and a war is a win-lose or rather a lose-lose constellation of the deep past.

Humanity of the 21st century is capable of integration and cooperation in the all-winn-all setup.

No compromises, just proficite for all...

Impossible? Possible! And a reality, I can show you.

You remember a war in southern Ethiopia in 2005? No. Correct there was no war.

You remember a disaster in the utilities market in 2007 in the heart of Europe, when thousands of workers and tens of great managers lost their jobs?

No! Correct, there was no such problem.

Do you remember India in 2017 to become a frozen market in consumer finance and the result was a great crisis and raise of the powerty? No? Correct.

Nothing like that happened.