Yemen Photo Book

Just a couple of days passed since the publication of a unique book became available public:

Posuvalyuk, V.V., Posuvalyuk, S.N. & Moiseeva, A.V.

Йемен в объективе советского переводчика.


Yemen in the Lens of the Soviet Translator. 1961-1967.

Moscow: KMK Scientific Press, 2022. - 240р.

A unique collection of photographs, made in Yemen in the years 1961 and 1967 by the interpreter of the Embassy of the USSR to the Arabic Republic of Yemen, Viktor Posuvalyuk (in memoriam), who later became the deputy minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR and his beloved wife, Svetlana Posuvalyuk are published together with authentic comments of the couple and a third author, Anna Moiseeva, adding important explanations to the cultural heritage depicted. The pictures published show the unique unbelievable beauty of Yemen, its architecture, people, and nature.

In 1961,

Two pictires of the Yemen Chameleon (Chamaeleon calyptratus) in Taizz were also shot, together with some localities such as Jiblah, Ibb and Taizz - the one even showing the fog covering the surrounding mountains even at daytime. The localities Hadda and Wadi Dhahr show the landscape and locality of the occurrence of the Oriental Chameleons, Chamaeleo chameleon orientalis.

The pictures of the Yemen chameleons made by the Posuvalyuk couple in 1961 precedes the next color photographs published by Fritz & Schütte, Hromadka and myself for more than 2 decades.