Indochinites from Vietnam

Vietnam tektites

Tektites are fascinating natural glassy objects formed by the intense heat and pressure of meteorite impacts on Earth's surface. These enigmatic stones, often black or dark green in color, have puzzled scientists for decades due to their unique properties and origin. Found in various regions worldwide, including Vietnam, tektites are believed to have been created during powerful meteorite strikes that ejected molten material into the atmosphere, which then solidified upon landing. The study of tektites not only sheds light on past extraterrestrial events but also provides valuable insights into Earth's geology, impact processes, and planetary formation.

Tektites found in Vietnam, known as Vietnamese tektites, are a type of impact glass that has fascinated scientists and collectors for years. These tektites are primarily concentrated in the strewn fields of southern China and Southeast Asia, including areas in Vietnam. They are believed to have formed around 800,000 years ago during a meteorite impact event, where the intense heat and pressure of the impact caused terrestrial material to melt and splash up into the atmosphere. As this molten material cooled and solidified upon re-entry, it formed these unique glassy objects. Vietnamese tektites are typically dark in color and exhibit a range of shapes, with some having aerodynamic forms due to their high-velocity ejection during the impact event.