Coach - Mentor


Coaching is not only a fantastic methodology and managerial tool, it is a way of life. To see the good In people, make bid on it, develop their strengths, really unleashes their inner power and potential. 

Coaching/mentoring people make themselves coaches and mentors who give this noble pholosophy, culture, methodology and/or tool further to the entities under their influence, both private as well as in business. It is a pure joy and it makes sense.


During my coach career I had the honor to serve as a president of EMCC, the world's second biggest organization of Coaches and mentors in the World for 4 years. The period was typical in establishing the Coaching and Mentoring profession on the market and set up a solid base for its formalization, standardization and certification of it itself as well as of educational systems, programs and companies...

I am also the founder of EMCC CZ.