Petr Nečas

Life of my choice

The meaning of my life is to make the world a better place to live. All I freely decide to do, I do rhe best possible way, with passion and love, to inspire the others. For the Good of mankind, animalkind and the planet Earth.

Curriculum vitae

Born 18. 11. 1969 in Krnov, northern Moravia, former Czechoslovakia
Citizenship: Czech Republic
Living mainly in Czech Republic (Brno), partly in Kenya (Lamu), Kazakhstan (Astana), Vietnam (Saigon)
Working experience: Europe (Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, Russia, Ukraine), Near East (Jordan, Egypt, Yemen), Africa (Angola, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya), Asia (Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India) and America (USA, Canada)
Speaking Czech, German, English, Russian, Slovak (fluent in speaking and writing), Arabic, Kiswahili, Vietnamese (basics)

Biology: Systematic zoology and evolutionary biology in Brno (Czech republic) and Bonn (Germany)
Business: Economics and Business (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Andragogy, Education, Applied Psychology, Training, Coaching

Researcher in zoology at Research and Monitoring Dept. of the Czech Institute for Nature Conservation
Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager, Supervisor in international training and consulting companies (Screen, InterScreen, TopConcept, TopC), later CEO, Country Manager (TopC, InterScreen, Europe)
Managing Partner in international SHRM company (SHC, Europe)
CEO, Chairman of the Board in finance and insurance broker company (TFC, Czech Republic and Slovakia)
Owner, CEO of own company active in SHRM and Consulting (ATHERIS GROUP, Ketter Alliance: Europe, Asia, USA, Africa)
TopManager (Sales, Marketing, Training & Development, HR) in banking (consumer finance) (PPF, Home Credit, Europe, SNG, Asia)
Vice-President (Sales, Marketing, Service, HR) in construction and development (OrdaInvest, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzia)
Vice CEO, Chief Strategy and Corporate Development Officer (Strategy Management, Research & Analysis, PMO, Corporate Development) in banking (Techcombank, Vietnam)
President of the largest European professional organisation in Coaching and Mentoring (EMCC: 6000 members, 22 countries)

Manager: leader of teams of up to 7.000 people directly as interim/project manager up to 20.000, line manager, project manager, board member, CEO
Trainer: 21years of international experience of trainings of leadership, sales and special skills for international companies across industries
Consultant: over 14years of international experience in business consulting, analysis and audit in managerial performance, skill and potential, process management, transformation
Executive Coach: 16 years of international experience as coach, last 12 years specialising on top executive coaching of CEOs, Board members, Politicians and Diplomats 
Facilitator: 15 years of international experience facilitating small groups to up to 2000 people in workshops, conferences, board meetings, focus groups, project teams
Speaker: speaker at conferences, meetings, all in commercial, scientific and professional areas
Zoologist: author of dozens of scientific and popular articles, author of 5 scientific books (published in English, German, Spanish, French and Czech) 

System-design and startup: I create practical systems that combine specialization, technique and people in a balanced way (e.g. GE strategy of FMCG approach in banking in CE, Vodafone sales strategy as 3rd operator on the market in CZ, Startup of Brokerage in Finance, Startup of MLM in retail)
Upgrade and refurbishment of systems from strategy to detail: I build on past achievements, put right people on right places, describe the functionality to deepest detail and script and develop people goalorientation, deep motivation and joy to create a long term sustainable efficient and successful entities (e.g. Collection strategy of HomeCredit in KZ, RF, UA, VN, India; Sales strategy of PPF, HomeCredit in KZ, RF, VN, India, Indonesia, Philippines)
People management and development: I trust in people and their potential, search for it and develop the strengths, support them in balanced approach to reach the business goals and do good things for the mankind and planet (Coach and Mentor of dozens of CEOs, Oligarchs, Topmanagers, Diplomats, Politicians)
Creative business focus on results: I always ask "how can we do it different way and MUCH better?" and I find the answers, that are to be implemented in successful projects and companies (e.g. New business model in construction based on Social Networking, New strategy of a local Vietnamese bank to conquer the Nr. 1 position on the market, Education and Onboarding automatized in HomeCredit internationally)
Automatization and virtualization: I am fascinated by the unleashed potential of modern technologies and make use of them whenever possible (e.g. Internationally implemented e-learning platform in HomeCredit creating 10ths Mil USD savings yearly, Online Sales in HomeCredit and Techcombank, Social network based loyalty programmes with extensive networking in Construction and TelCo; intelligent "misuse" of e-learning as a business driver: campaign management, efficiency driver, automated analytical, learning and loyalty tool, automated performance management tool)

Finance/Insurance: Aegon, Ceska Pojistovna, PPF, HomeCredit, Generali, Alliance, Partners, TFC, VUB, Erste, Sodexho, PPF
FMCG: CocaCola, Carlsberg, Stock, Nestle, Carlsberg
Construction: ALSTOM, Siemens, Orda Invest
Utilities: CEZ, Transgaz, JMP, VCP, ZCP
TelCo: Vodafone, Eurotel, T-Mobile, Kazaktelekom
Automotive: Mercedes-Benz, Skoda, Volkswagen, Audi Production Skoda JS, Alcan, TPCA
Hospitality: Movenpick
MLM: Savemax, TFC, ZFP Academy, LR
IT: Oracle, Microsoft, AVG, IBM
Pharma: Zentiva, GSK, BMS, Novartis, GEHE Pharma
Politics, Diplomacy: CZ, SK, Angola, Ethiopia, Kenya

Special interests and activities
Coaching/mentoring (Past-President of EMCC)
Zoology (research and publications with focus on herpetology of Near East and Africa, member of international research and conservation bodies SEH, DGHT, NGS, WWF, IUCN)
Photography (macrophotography, nature, ethnography) Charity and Aid (Community development projects in Kenya, CNLI)
Ecology, Nature conservancy (Co-Founder of Eden projects - reforestation in Ethiopia, Kenya and Madagascar, MoB at Veterinaires sans Frontieres CZ)
Exploration, Travel (focus on Africa, Near East)
Geology, Mineralogy (focus on tektites, beryls, fossils)
Ethnography (focus on Africa, Near East)
Collectibles (precious stones, tektites, ethnic arts and crafts, fossils, ancient glass beads)