My Mama

My mama is an absolutely extraordinary human and I love her so much. I'm so thankful to her for bringing me to this world.

She has raised me, educated me and supported me the whole life long.

She has always been an inspiration for me and people around by her kindness and care and warm heart.

She has saved so many lives, as she is a prominent medical doctor specializing in rehabilitation: only thanks to her, thousands of people walk again and live great lives. She also raised three generations of medical doctors to follow her path, she lectures at the university and gives talks on important conferences.

Regardless of so many accomplishments, she stays a humble and a rather shy lady.

She turned 76 and despite of her tiny nature, she is capable of swimming easily across a lake and drive 50km in a day on a bike.

Where her ancestor's blood comes however to expression is, when she proudly shows me her garden full of colors... All that beauty reflects in that moment in her beautiful blue eyes.

Mama, I love you.

I should tell you hundred times more often, but you know it, I do.