Cats of Lamu

Lamu is a unique archipelago consisting of several Islands on the northern coast of Kenya just a couple of kilometers south of the boundary to Somalia.

When I first came to this territory, I immediately fell in love with the narrow streets, old-fashioned lifestyle, wooden doors, port, melt of Arabic and African culture called Swahili culture with the sweet taste of tropical fruits, superb cuisine and a picturesque melt of the odor of monkey poop and heavy Arabic perfumes of the local ladies...

You cannot miss a view of the lovely cats living on this beautiful tropical island.

Forst, I got just fascinated by their beauty and charming lazy style and by the diversity which was subject of my photographic passion. But as always, when I get fascinated by something, there is something more to discover. I left Lamu and almost forgot the cat. When I just came home and opened the door, my view fell on a black statue of a cat, which I bought long, long ago in Egypt on the market for tourists, but it was resembling the old cats and their gods of the ancient egyptians.

It was her! Her herself, her Majesty the Cat of Lamu...

How it can be? It doesn't make sense.

When I next came to Lamu, I started to ask around and came across some people, who told me strange stories. They say they're actually not cats but fairies. At the full moon, they collect in the middle of the island and dance in the light on the full moon. They are considered good ghosts of the island and protectors of the people.

Well I got more interested in this fairies and as is the human nature, I attempted to get in closer contact with them. Once having tasty lunch at my friends parents home, I tried to just cuddle one of the cats. She watched deeply into my eyes and run away. Like: what? Are you stupid? So, I tried again. Same experience. Again and again.

Well I went to my advisers and asked for the meaning of my experience. They laughed for half an hour and then they explained me: we have told you they are not cats in fact. They are not from this world. They live in a parallel world two ours. So, understand, touching them is technically impossible. They enter our houses but they live in parallel space and we do not interact directly.

Then, the old lady that cared for about 50 of these beautiful cats took me aside and told me: Petr, actually I want to tell you a

Mystery. These cats are not from Lamu originally. Long long ago, long before the Arabs took the control over this territory,

long before the trade of ivory and slaves took place, Lamu was a port where ancient egyptians came for trade.

They were the ones to bring these cat ghosts here. They liked it here and stayed here... Untill today.


Who knows...

I am one of the few happy ones who know the fairies of Lamu in person.

And believe or not, at fullmoon...