Speaker - Trainer


Any and every speech has a meaning only if it inspires to a concrete, deliberate action, result of which will be something good.

Just talking is for nothing.

If the word is metamorphed into a meaningful action, a new quality arises in the world.

The meaning of training is to raise awarennes in concrete recipes on various levels of consciousness.

The material level requires advice, instruction and algorithm.

The mental level requires understanding.

The spiritual level requires meaning and mission.

Reflecting the maturity levels and addressing the real needs is a key to growth and to development of real leaders who make this world a better place to live.


I trained tenths of thousands of specialists and thousands of managers and hundreds of top managers. Everyone always heard many many questions of which two were the most important ones: one question at the beginning and one at the end... the first was: "What is the purpose of why you are here?", the second was: "What is your take-away, how will you apply it into your daily life and how this will change your life from now?". I do one-to-one sessions, talk to teams, groups, conferences up to the size of 20.000 participants. Always, I speak about meaning and purpose so that any speech has a concrete outcome. I inspire the minds, encourage the hearts and make sure, concrete value appears as a result in concrete actions and results.